Fight or Flight

Episode 3


Then we go to Cara’s apartment to leave a false trail. Filmed on location at 4400 NE 2nd Ave.

Michael then returns to the Sheraton Bal Harbour to meet his old spy friend to get his hands on the directive authorizing the burn notice. The parking toll booths of the bal Harbour Shops are seen in the background.

While there, Michael gets an alarm call and he rushes back to his mother’s garage (studio set). There he finds that Cara’s idiot daughter has taken off to go to a dance.

By taking a screen capture and lightening the shadow areas I quickly learned that the dance was filmed at Wallace Dade Senior High School.

Only I could not locate such a high school in the Miami area. I called DanJ who grew up and went to school in Miami and he had not heard of it either. I had first thought of the convention center but blown off that idea because the location looked to much like a real school. The sign on the building was so large and real looking plus the interior including the trophy case and banners.  They fooled me and I have been doing location hunting for several years with Miami Vice. The set decorators really out did themselves on this one. The sign was not even really visible and they put all that effort into it. After talking with Dan we put together with the help of GE Street View that his opinion that it was likely not a real school but the Convention Center was correct. It turns out they really dressed up the main entrance to the studio on the east (NW 27th Ave.) side.

Michael comes out of the high school. This was filmed at the Coconut Grove Convention Center just north of the main entrance where he went into the building.

Michael finds Sophie here.

They went so far as to park a school bus in the background to dress up the set.

After rescuing Sophie, Michael returns to his apartment where they make further plans. Filmed on set in the studio.

Then Michael returns to Fredo’s. We see him climb up on the same roof we saw him jump off of at the start of the episode. Here he sets up video recording equipment.

Fredo’s scenes were filmed at 150 NE 40th Street.

Michael was on this roof.

Sam and Fiona acquire the spoken words they need while parked here; NE 1st Court and NE 39th Street.

In the picture above the light green rectangle is on the building that we see thru Sam and Fiona’s windshield. The red arrow points toward Fredo’s. The blue arrow points to where Fiona and Sam are parked.

Michael returns to his apartment to edit the recording. Filmed on set at the studio. 

The plan works. Our problem is picked up from Fredo’s, 150 NE 40th Street, Miami.

Michael goes to visit his father’s grave as his mother had requested. This was filmed at a fake cemetery on Star Island opposite where Michael had stopped the cartel lawyer.



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As seen in Home Invaders

These same booths were seen in the Miami Vice episode, Home Invaders.

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Next we return to Madeline’s garage. Filmed on set at the studio.

Then we return to the garage. Filmed on set.


Then Sam meets with the FBI at Carlito’s. Filmed on set at the rear of the studio.

Michael heads back to Star Island to meet the attorney in the street again.

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Then we go to Madeline’s where Michael gets thanked. Filmed on set in the studio.