Michael walks north on NW 17th Ave from NW 32 Street and into La Auxiliadra Dollar Store.

Next we see Michael introduce himself to Oscar and Luis.  They come out of 3151 NW 17th Ave. and meet Michael across the street at the rear of Miami Coin Laundry.

Next Sam and Fiona are on 13th Street by the parking garage that Fiona had earlier used to ditch the police. Here Sam seeks some love advice from Fiona before we cut to Michael’s place at the rear of the C.G.C.C..  After being offered a job as a security guard by Bly, Michael meets Barry at the Lincoln Road Mall on South Beach. We first saw this location in Burn Notice during the Pilot.

Lincoln Rd. Mall at Pennsylvania Ave.

Under renovation on 12/09/09

For the next scene where Michael meets with the client Ernie, we stay on Lincoln Road Mall and head over to the church.

Red arrow is where Michael meets with Ernie

Green arrow is where Michael meets with Barry.

Next we take a quick tour of Calle Ocho starting at 2272 SW 8th Street.

Then 1340 SW 8th Street.

Then we go to NW 17th Ave. At NW 21 Street.

Then we go to an alleyway where Michael traps the thugs and threatens to light them up. The alleyway runs from NW 32nd Street south to NW 31st Street behind 3100 NW 17th Avenue. Michael is captured at gun point here and taken back to the Cardozo on Ocean Drive at 13th Street.

After the Cardozo Michael goes back to NW 17th Ave. at NW 32nd Street.

Then Michael returns home to find Bly inside his place. Then he goes back to the Cardozo.  After this he meets with Ernie on the beach. This was filmed on Miami Beach opposite 13th Street.

From the beach Michael goes home to the C.G.C.C. to prepare a bomb with Fiona before returning to NW 17th Ave and NW 32 Street, the rear of Ernie’s store.

From there we go to the Cardozo to blow up the boss. This is done on the 13th Street side door.

We then go to Carlito’s (C.G.C.C.) where Michael turns the tables on Bly. Then Michael goes home (C.G.C.C.) talks with Sam on the phone before having interesting foreplay with Fiona. The episode ends when Bly arrives and hands Michael his confidential folder.




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 From here we go back to Lincoln Road Mall to the Miami Beach Community Church where Michael had earlier met with Ernie.


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