Loose Ends

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Then we go to SXG. This was filmed on the North Campus of Miami Dade College on Lake Road.

Purple arrow points to building we see behind Michael as he runs along fence.

Green arrow is route the van takes to enter the complex.

Yellow arrow is where Michael runs along fence.

Red arrow is where guard shack was.

Red arrow points to where Gillian’s black Jeep was parked.

In the next scene we are back at the studio on the set of Michael’s loft.  

Then Fiona and Sam go to SW 1st Street over the Miami River.

As Fiona and Sam’s scene on the Miami River is happening Michael is meeting Cowan up in Hollywood. Michael first goes to St Johns Church and receives a phone call. This was filmed at the First Methodist Church on US in Hollywood just south of Young Circle.

The phone that Michael uses is a prop. The real pay-phone is across the street in the background.

Michael has to run a mile to quickly get to the meet. Well in real life he only has to cross the street to the Hollywood Bread garage. He first runs south on U.S. 1, then we see him running up the ramps inside the garage.

Below: Yellow arrow is where Michael had been by the fountain at the start of the episode. The red arrow points to the Hollywood Bread garage, and the Blue arrow is St. Johns.

Then we return to Michael’s. The exterior, establishing shot was taken from Alligator Joe’s park. Then Nate pulls up outside with Michael. Fiona calls from a pay phone. Her location is unknown.

Nate and Michael drive away. The first cut makes sense because they are driving by the studio on South Bayshore Drive. At the start you can see the sign for City Hall.

From the second cut on they are up in Pompano Beach Florida on NE 14th Street Causeway. The cuts have them traveling both east and westbound on NE 14th Street. Covering the same ground several times.  The things we see in the background include:

Marine Colony

2800 NE 14th Street.

Sea Haven

NE 14th Street drawbridge

They locate Fiona and head to the rescue by crashing through a wall that is normally an open garage door. This was filmed on NE 16th Street at Merritt Boat Works.

Next, we see Michael, Fiona and Nate pull into 5848 N. Bay Road, Miami Beach.

Then we cut to Sam who is having a rough go of it inside a ships hull.  Well it looks like a ships hull at least. It is actually a set made of wood inside the C.G.C.C. Studio.

Then we see the outside of the ship. This was filmed on the Miami River along NW North River Drive just west of NW 27th Ave.

Next we see Michael and Fiona go to Sam’s storage room. This looks like a set at the C.G.C.C. Studio and I am pretty sure I remember seeing it there on one of my trips inside.

We then return to the safe house on N. Bay road.

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