Burn Notice
  Episode 21
Good Soldier
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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, Please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

The episode continues with a return to the Biltmore  where Michael rams Max Lesher’s car stopping the kidnapping.

The mannequins in the car really go flying.

Next we go to Carlito’s. Looks like they serve some nice burgers there. Filmed on set at the rear of the studio.

While at Carlito’s, Michael gets a call from his mother. Carla is having Nate arrested to send a message to Michael. Michael calls Sam who is at Carla’s hotel where we see her pull out on her motorcycle. She heads north on Collins Avenue away from her hotel which is the Gansevoort Miami Beach. 2377 Collins Ave.

In a rare occurrence, we see Michael and Fiona walk away from Carlito’s. This gives us an on screen view (in background) of the entrance to the exterior set of Michael’s loft.

Madeline’s filmed on studio set.

This leads us to a set up by Carla. This was filmed behind the studio at the Dinner Key Marina. Michael realizes the set up and steals a motorcycle. He takes off to return home, pick up the forged access card and stop the sniper.

After racing around Dinner Key it cuts and Michael is on Watson Island by the Miami Outboard Club.

They head out onto MacArthur Causeway where Fiona cuts in.

Then we are on the north side of the Omni headed north on NE 4th Avenue.

Then it cuts and we briefly see Michael northbound on South Bayshore Drive passing East Fairview Street.

Then back to Watson Island along the feeder road to MacArthur Causeway by Jungle Island.

Then we are on the south side of the Omni driving northbound on N. Bayshore Drive by the Miami Herald building with the performing arts center in the background.

Then we go back to NE 4th Avenue on the north side of the Omni.

After Fiona cuts off traffic causing an accident she continues up NE 4th Avenue. Through out this chase they go over the same exact stretches of road with different camera angles multiple times. Almost every segment of road they use, they use for several cuts.

Fiona turns westbound on NE 18th Street. Fortunately this was not to avoid the police car that is there. The police do not join in the fray because it is only a filming mistake as they capture a police car that is blocking traffic for for filming to close to the filming.

Fiona tags a red Mercury Marquis where NE 4th Avenue reconnects with NE 4th Avenue. Where Michael and Sam park to go into the Pakistani Consulate in episode 15, Trust Me can be seen in the background a couple of times.

Then the chase area changes a little. Michael is seen turning from southbound on North Miami Avenue onto NW 13th Street headed west. The performing arts center can be seen in the distant background.

Michael drives be a yellow house on a corner. Filming location unknown.

Then Carla drives by 419 NE 4th Street. This is on the section that runs between N Bayshore Drive and NE 19th Street.

While Michael is westbound on NW 13th Street riding away from N Miami Avenue, Carla is way over on North Bayshore Drive passing NE 18th Street and Pace Park.

Michael then turns from westbound on NW 13th Street to southbound on NW Miami Court. All of a sudden Carla has caught up.

Then we see Michael 1 block west turning under the “59th Street Bridge”. He is turning at the NW corner of the parking lot bordered by NW 13th Street and NW 1st Avenue. Under the 395 elevated highway. This is commonly referred to as the 59th Street bridge because in the Pilot of Miami Vice they refer to this location as under the 59th Street bridge. Crockett’s partner at the time, Eddie Rivera along with drug dealer Corky were killed here when a bomb went off in Corky’s car that was parked about 30 feet west of where we see Michael here. In the street, just the other side of the fence.

They chase through the parking lot under the 395 and exit onto N Miami Avenue and head north. We see this location used again later in the series in Episode 50, Entry Point and in episode 93, Over The Line. The next street we see is North Miami Avenue which we see them pull out onto and head north.

Then we see Michael turn right (east) onto NW 13th Street. There is a tractor trailer unit blocking the street and Michael dramatically slides under it to get away.


13th Street west of North Miami Avenue by NW Miami Court.

This chase scene generally left me with the feeling that the filming was not well planed and some cuts were added and adjustments made to lengthen the chase to fill the time allocated for the episode. Additional evidence of poor planning is the screen capture below. As she looks under the truck toward where Michael would be and the camera is shooting from under the truck. We can see by the background that this was filmed at the Grove Key Marina next to the studio. Looks like an after thought.

Also note that when Michael picks up the motorcycle there is a double yellow line on the road. When he takes off the road has no markings. Two different locations.

Michael arrives home. There he receives a call from Sam who is at Bill Johnson’s place (the sniper) in Homestead. Sam tells Michael that Bill is dead, blown up with a bomb at his door. Sam’s filming location is by the intersection of SE 29th Drive and SE 4th Place in Homestead. Michael thinks just fast enough to dive off of his stairs and avoid the worst of an explosion. Filmed on set at the rear of the studio. The episode ends here.



If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org


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